CalcM2 (LCREA Software)


CalcM2 - Free Pocket PC calculator and currencies converter
© 2006-2007

This program is freeware and is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, express or implied. Use at your own risk.

- free calc program for Pocket PC QVGA
- 2 visible memories (that's why the program's name is CalcM2)
- currencies converter
- configuration screen
- buit-in 19 rates (including 13 official europe irrevocable conversion rates, and U.S. DOLLAR, BRITISH POUND, JAPANESE YEN...)
- possibility to change, add or del rates and to retrieve default rates
- round option
- only one small EXE file and no keys in registry

- extract calcm2.exe from the zip file
- create a new folder on your Pocket PC (e.g. Program FilesCalcM2)
- copy calcm2.exe to this folder using ActiveSync
- create a shortcut in WindowsStart MenuPrograms or WindowsMenu DémarrerProgrammes

Q - What is the file calcm2.dat ?
R - This file is created in the same folder of calcm2.exe the first time you run the program. It contains the default rate, the user rates and the round selection. It can be deleted.

Q - What is Basic4PPC ?
R - Basic4PPC is a complete development environment on the Pocket PC or the desktop created by Erel UZIEL. Is the easiest and most affordable way to develop applications for Pocket PC / Windows Mobile devices. CalcM2 is written with Basic4PPC version 4.0 (see for more details).

* Version 1.2 - Release 2007-03-06
- fix a bug in the clear function of the memories M1 and M2
- fix a bug in the zero display in the memories M1 and M2

* Version 1.1 - Release 2007-01-30
- some bug fixes
- add more default rates
- add SAVE and DEL rates in configuration screen
- changes in the configuration screen interface
- add show number format during 4 seconds "on click" in rate 1 field
- add switch currencies "on click" in rate 2 field
- add M1 and M2 "on click" copy result to rate 1 field

* Version 1.0 - Release 2006-10-30
- first version available only in the Basic4PPC forum

Go to the download section of the site to get the last version of CalcM2.

Go to the photos section of the site to see screenshots of CalcM2.

Thanks goes to Erel UZIEL for is amazing tool Basic4PPC and is "Calc v1" wich is the base of CalcM2.

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